Monk Roast

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Roast Level: Decaf Medium
Region: Columbia
Tasting Notes: Fruit-forward and flavorful, strong blueberry notes accented by airy floral hints with a crisp honey sweetness.

Discover inner peace with our Monk Roast, a serene decaf light roast that embodies the tranquil spirit of the monastery. This blend is a meditation in a cup, offering a sanctuary of calm in every sip. Crafted for those who seek balance and mindfulness, our Monk Roast is a gentle yet profound experience, reminiscent of quiet mornings in hidden temples and the soft chants of contemplation.

The beans are carefully selected for their smooth, subtle flavors, creating a brew that soothes the soul without the rush of caffeine. Ideal for late-night gaming sessions or early moments of reflection, this coffee is a tribute to the disciplined, thoughtful life of a monk. Embrace the calm, focused energy that comes with each cup, and let it guide you through your daily quests and spiritual journeys.

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