Necromancer Roast

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Roast Level: Dark
Region: Sumatra
Tasting Notes: Rustic brown sugar sweetness with a deep dark chocolate flavor and undertones of dried fruit and smoke.

Conjure the mysteries of the night with our Necromancer Roast, a dark and brooding coffee that's as enigmatic as it is empowering. This potent brew is a homage to the shadowy realms and the arcane arts, with each sip offering a glimpse into a world of hidden power and forbidden secrets. 

The deep, smoky flavors are laced with a hint of the otherworldly, perfect for those who walk the line between light and shadow. Whether you're delving into ancient tomes or plotting your next grand strategy, let the Necromancer Roast be your loyal familiar. Awaken your senses and embrace the dark magic that bubbles in every cup – a sorcerer's dream in liquid form. Grab a bag today, if you dare to dabble in the dark arts.

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